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Lexington is our Home Manager. They have made it possible for my husband and I to stay in our house! The dining room is now a bedroom and Lexington installed handicapped bars in the downstairs bathroom so my husband does not have to go upstairs anymore. If it wasn’t for Margaret Ahern’s can do attitude, my husband and I would be living in a senior citizen’s home. They do everything from changing filters and fixing things that break to paying our bills and making sure our insurance doesn’t expire. I love the look on contractor’s faces when I tell them they have to review the bids with my property manager. They are very responsive, quick in availability, and help problem solve any situation that appears. My children are relieved that they no longer have to worry about us being taken advantage of by dishonest roofers, landscapers, electricians and plumbers! Margaret is an angel and we are very lucky to have her.

Chris V. – Westlake Village – 6/15/2017

We have recently leased a property via Lexington property management and we have been very impressed not only with the pre-lease discussion but also with all the services provided after the lease was signed. Lexington is paying great attention of all the details and making our experience very smooth. As owning properties, we can also see how valuable Lexington can be from an owner standpoint. We are definitively recommending Lexington Property Management and feel free to reach me if you have question